Frog reflex

Correct Use the Frog Reflex during Baby Swimming.

Babies are born with the frog reflex. Therefor they can propel themselves independently in the water using the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" starting at the age of 12 weeks. It securely supports babies in the correct swimming position and they develop a sense of fun and security in the water.

The frog reflex is mostly lost while learning to walk. However the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" supports the retention of this reflex in children so that they can use it later when doing breaststroke. You can promote the reflex by calling out "frog" for every stretch or push off in the water. Children internalize this system quickly and link the "frog call" to the movement of "pushing off". In addition, you can attract and motivate the child with toys such as rubber duckies so that they automatically practice the frog reflex themselves and use their legs deliberately.

Consequently the red SWIMTRAINER "Classic" offers the best basis for learning to swim and the resulting technical training for children 4 years and up leads to the perfect swimming style. The orange SWIMTRAINER "Classic" helps children to learn co-ordination of leg and arm movements, and the yellow SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is excellently suited to the transition to free swimming.



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