Baby swimming

Early Boost through Baby Swimming.
Positive for the mental and physical development of the child.

Parents can lay the foundations for their child’s positive life long relationship with water as early as in infancy. It is sensible to start swimming with the baby from the age of 12 weeks, because at that time the baby is able to lift its head alone, it can grasp toys, has a stable immune system and will not lose body heat as quickly in the water as it will be increasingly more active.

Babies and children are in their element in water. Baby swimming promotes mental and physical development as small children can perform movements in water earlier than on land. A gentle back and forth motion during baby swimming, for example, acts like a massage for the skin and at the same time supports the formation of nerve cells and the synapses between various brain regions. In addition it increases the motor skill development on land. Furthermore, Aquarobics is an effective, playful therapy for children who have slow motoric development or premature babies. The water pressure not only has a positive effect on the skin, but also on the joints and muscles. Baby swimming also improves the sense of balance, promotes independence, increases learning and perception and supports growth in young children.

Children are optimally supported when coming into contact with the wet element and learning to swim with the learn-to-swim system SWIMTRAINER "Classic". It gives the children a great deal of enjoyment while swimming and a high level of safety. Babies or young children are in the ideal swimming position with the SWIMTRAINER "Classic", have their hands free to play with toys and can move themselves forward independently with their legs. Thus a positive relationship with the wet element can be developed in a playful way, combined with a high level of safety.

While the red SWIMTRAINER "Classic" achieves the basics of learning to swim with the highest buoyancy, the resulting technical training for children of 4 years and up leads to the perfect swimming style. The next step: the orange SWIMTRAINER "Classic" with reduced buoyancy helps children to learn the right co-ordination of arm and leg movements. The yellow SWIMTRAINER "Classic" with the lowest buoyancy is excellently suited for the methodical transition to free swimming. Step by step children are safely accompanied to free swimming with the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" using air reduction. Throughout, we focus on assuring that the children have fun in the process!



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