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Using our SWIMTRAINER „Classic“ for children with special needs varies based on the needs of your child.

The success of any therapeutic device always depends on the child’s needs and abilities, mental and/or physical restrictions, head control, stability of body, weight, age, behaviour in water, fears, and special requirements. Trying a new device should always be done in consultation with the child’s medical practitioners to discuss possible special requirements for your child.

Generally the SWIMTRAINER „Classic“ supports the lying swimming position in the water and helps the parents to support their child in the water. It strengthens the muscles, can activate or calm the children, promotes trust and safety, and all the healthy aspects of movement in the water. Children who cannot move on land sometimes obtain the freedom to move in water.

When choosing the correct size SWIMTRAINER “Classic” for your child, please be guided on your children’s needs, rather than on the age specified. The physically largest SWIMTRAINER “Classic” is the red one – it will provide the most buoyancy and support in the water and is generally used for aqua therapy. The orange and yellow SWIMTRAINER “Classics” are smaller products, which will place children lower in the water.

If the child needs more support of balance because of development, try the red SWIMTRAINER “Classic”. (For example: SWIMTRAINER „Classic“ RED even if the child would have the age for the ORANGE). Don`t decide the size only because of age and weight, always respect child’s development and abilities, water experience, fears and behaviour in the water. Sometimes it could be necessary to stabilise the child by holding the SWIMTRAINER „Classic“ if the child is not able to stabilise herself.

Children with special needs are very individual and sometimes unpredictable. Always be very careful in the water, stay directly with the child and never leave your child out of reach or view.



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