We support the non-profit organization: . "Kleine Patienten in Not" (Little Patients in Need")

Thanks to the sponsorship opportunity "Give Comfort" this organization provides hospitals and rescue services, as well as fire departments, psychological counselors and police stations with the comfort bears "Benny".

Benny assists first responders, police, firemen and nurses in providing immediate comfort to a child in distress. Especially children are completely overwhelmed and suffer accordingly following accidents or emergencies. "Children communicate differently than adults. In emergencies and under emotional stress they often do not respond to verbal help. "Benny" can build bridges that allow us to reach those children," explains a counselor.

The gift of a teddy bear distracts a child during an emergency and helps it deal with the first pain and shock. The goal is to alleviate the impact of a negative event, for instance an accident, a painful injury or the loss of a parent, by giving the comfort bear in the hopes of avoiding even deeper trauma. Experience has shown that teddy bears work better than any medication.

We, FREDS SWIM ACADEMY, are proud to support "Kleine Patienten in Not" because we are convinced that BENNY is a great source of comfort.



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